The Christian Fish

I am sure everyone is aware that a fish is a sign for Christianity. But why? It is not because of the miracles of feeding the five thousand, the fish with the coin, the great catch of fish, or even the disciples being fishers of men. It is a sign for Christianity because the word fish in Greek is an acronym for Christian beliefs. The word in the Greek is Ιχθυς (ich thys) meaning:

Ι Ιησους Jesus

Χ Χριστος Christ

Θ θεος God

υ υιος Son

ς σωτηρ Saviour

So the word fish is an acronym for some of the key doctrines in Christianity. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who is the savior. You have Christ’s divinity, His place in the trinity, and His work as a saviour. Just a little tidbit from church history, but pretty interesting once you stop to think about it.

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