One Sin

One sin. That is all it took. Adam and Eve simply ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they lost fellowship with God. They lost communion with Jehovah and they plunged the whole human race into total depravity. Adam’s offspring would pervert the worship of God and commit the first murder.

The account of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden is a dreadful reminder to us of the seriousness of sin. One great problem with our age is that we are surrounded daily by sin. We daily confront fornication, murder, and blasphemy in all reaches of society. This has resulted in us becoming desensitized to sin. We have learned to accept it as normal.

This has greatly affected how we view sin and repentance. In our day to day battle against sin we often will commit a sin, quickly ask forgiveness and continue on.  We often think, “I am saved anyways, what is the big deal.” That is a sign of complacency and taking grace for granted. We do not take sin nearly as seriously as we ought to.

In the Old Testament Israel knew the consequences of sin in a very vivid sense, because everytime someone sinned they would see the consequences of that sin immediately. When the young man in Israel blasphemed the name of God, he was stoned to death. When Achan sinned by keeping some of the goods from Jericho, Israel lost the battle against Ai. When David committed adultery with Bathsheba God killed their son. There are dreadful consequences to sin and we often forget that. God punishes people with eternal death for committing one sin. What was the last time you truly mourned over sin? What was the last time you actually produced tears because you knew you sinned against the holy and righteous God?  One will truly mourn over sin if he realizes the seriousness of that sin.

The wonderful truth that is ours, however, is that we do not have to remain mourning. We do have a loving and a gracious Saviour. Immediately after God lists out the punishments that Adam and Eve would receive for sinning, God clothes them. He clothes them with animal skins so that they would no longer be ashamed of their nakedness. He is a kind and merciful Lord, but also just. He could not just forgive them, but He could sacrifice Himself for their sins. That sacrifice was accomplished through the death and suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. Let us therefore seek Him and turn away from our sin (by the grace of God) with true sorrow and repentance. Let us also pray for a better realization of the seriousness of sin that we may more and more stop spitting Christ in the face with our gross immorality.

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