Is Sin Fun???

Is sin fun? Of course it is not! But we often blanket it as such; we hide the seriousness of our sins by saying that it is so hard to fight against it because it is so much fun. We know certain things are not proper for a Christian to do, yet we are reluctant to make warfare against it because we say “it is so much fun though, let me enjoy this for just a little longer.” We remark, “fornication is so hard to flee, because it is gives me pleasure.” Or “this sensual, godless music is awesome to listen to. I know I shouldn’t listen to it, but the beat and tune is so good. It makes me happy and feel on top of the world.” Or “I know this movie’s morality is extremely objectionable and the values it portrays are straight from the world, but the action in it is so cool to watch. It is an awesome movie to watch!” Or a group of friends goes to the mall, or the sportsman’s shop, and lusts and covets everything that they don’t have or posses the means to have, simply because coveting is so much fun. Or we say, “going to church is so hard on Sunday, there are plenty of much more fun things I could be doing. Watching television, going to the hockey game, or playing my computer are much more fun than going to church and hearing another sermon.” These examples could be multiplied ad nauseam.

In what meaningful way can the true Christian say that sin is fun? In no way whatsoever! Sin is horrible to the Christian! It is gross and vile, containing such sheer terror that the very thought of it ought to make us tremble. We ought to hate sin! Sin is the exact opposite of the attributes of who we confess our God, our Lord and Saviour to be. The Lord we serve is holy, righteous, and just. He is the true light. Sin is unholy, unrighteous, and injustice. It is utter darkness. If it is so much fun to commit sin (and we do use that as an excuse to sin), what are we saying about God? What are we saying about holiness? What are we saying about righteousness? That those are mundane, dull, boring things? It is ludicrous for the Christian to say such a thing. If the Christian is truly seeking the things of the kingdom of God, those things which are above then sin will be disgusting to him. If a Christian truly looks forward to the perfection which Christ has inherited for us, then sin will be absolutely horrid to him. Sin should in no meaningful way be fun for the Christian. The Christian should hate sin. Period.

Showing thankfulness to God for the salvation which He has wrought for us, by suffering the torments and the pains of hell, should be the Christians motivation in keeping the Commandments of God. That should be the great motivation in struggling against sin! Sin is something to be hated, but righteousness is something to be loved and cherished. To keep the Law of God should fill us with such intense joy, for we are praising our Lord Jesus Christ in doing such. We are honouring and glorifying His great name! That should be our chief motivation in everything that we do: to give glory to the Lamb!


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