Be Ashamed!

“Be ashamed, you who spend so much time in reading of romances, in adorning your persons, in hawking and hunting, in consulting the law concerning your outward state in the world, and it may be in worse things than these; Be ashamed, you that spend so little time in search of this, whether ye be... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Promise of the Gospel

In reference to the Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 31 Question and Answer 84, Rev. Hoeksema writes these words that capture just a fraction of the incomprehensible beauty of the promise of the gospel. He states that the promise of the gospel "in one word . . . is, according to Scriptures, Christ and all His riches of... Continue Reading →

John Calvin on Providence

It is always easier to believe in a Biblical doctrine with a certain head knowledge than to actually make that doctrine applicable in our daily life. This can be especially true when it comes to the sovereignty of God; we so often forget what that doctrine means in our day to day lives. We fret... Continue Reading →

Luther and Sola Scriptura

In my study of Luther’s family life, I came across an interesting statement by Atkinson. He writes, “Every schoolboy knows of the legend of his [i.e. Luther’s] throwing the inkpot at the apparition of the devil. But few remember he did the same when an apparition of Christ came to him. The latter was more... Continue Reading →

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