Jesus Christ’s Glorification in Dismissing Judas

“Therefore, when he was gone out, Jesus said, Now is the Son of man glorified, and God is glorified in him.” John 13:31

“With the dismissal of Judas the die was cast. Not as if there had ever been any uncertainty with respect to the divine plan that Jesus was to die for his people. God’s eternal decree is absolutely unchangeable and is sure to be realized. But now, with the dismissal of Judas, the realization of this plan in history has reached another decisive stage. When Jesus dismissed Judas with the words, “What you are doing, do it faster,” he thereby again decisively manifested his willingness to enter the deep waters and the dark night of eternal death for his own. The Lord knew that it was with a purpose in mind that Judas had left the room, namely, to reveal to the rulers the whereabouts of Jesus and to show them how they might seize him. In the full knowledge of this fact, the Master had just now told this hardened sinner to go ahead and to do more quickly what he was in the process of doing. This shows that the Son desired to be obedient to the will of the Father, and that he desired to make manifest his glorious love to the elect by suffering and dying for them.

By means of this obedience and love Jesus, as the Son of man . . . was glorified. He was glorified just now, in speaking these words to the traitor, and the glory was still upon him. He had seen the coming of the storm but instead of avoiding it he walked right into it. Like a hen which, being in the act of spreading its wings protectingly over its chicks, thereby permitting the rain to come down upon its own back in torrents, while its brood is perfectly safe, elicits expression of admiration from the lips of those who have been watching, so also, and far more so, the Lord, in the act of dismissing Judas, reflects glory on himself; for in doing this he allows the storm, not of rain but of wrath, to descend upon himself, while he shelters his own. This was his glory.”William Hendrickson, John 

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