Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy is not Optional

“It is that ‘the Lord made it holy’. He who is King over all the earth has, by his sovereign right, made the day holy. He devoted one day in each seven to his worship and service. He does not advise or request but he decrees that it is so. He who is eternal divided our time and legislated that we give him a day of worship each week.

It is advisable that every creature take note of this reminder that the Almighty has personally set aside one day in seven for himself. All who must one day stand before him to have their everlasting destines announced have need to hear the standard he devised to judge them. How many excuses of ignorance, of being too busy to pray, of not having time to read Scripture, to become acquainted with the saints, to bring one’s family to worship will die on the lips of the guilty before this commandment? When in his awesome majesty the Lord says, ‘I made the day holy’, who will plead exemption from Sabbath practice?

It is the Lord who declared the day holy. Who will deny it? It is the Lord who decided that Sabbath-keeping would be one of the ten pillars of human righteousness. Who wishes to argue with him? It is the Lord who kept the first Sabbath, showing such use of time to be of the essence of divine moral character. Who will lead others to fall short of the glory of God? Who would not imitate his righteousness? Or not obey his law? He has said the commandment is holy. It is an essential ingredient of righteousness.”

Walter Chantry, Call the Sabbath a Delight.

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