Were Protestant Native Conversions Bona Fide?

I just read a very interesting article by the historian James Axtell in his book After Columbus. The article seeks to address the question: "Were Indian Conversions Bona Fide?" Often the claim is made that Christian missionary attempts in North America were all about numbers, economics, land, and politics, not about the sincere, godly desire to spread wondrous... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Calvin’s Preaching

T.H.L Parker, Calvin’s Preaching (Kentucky: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1992). 149 pp. Introduction: John Calvin is a very misunderstood historical character. Those who hate him often caricature him to be a kill-joy, stern, serious, holier-than-thou, heretic-killer, and determinist academic. Thomas Henry Louis Parker, in his book Calvin’s Preaching, is not primarily interested in proving or dispelling... Continue Reading →

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