Exciting News!

As many of you probably know, I really enjoy studying history. In fact, I enjoy history so much, I got a degree in it. Who gets a degree in history nowadays? I mean what good is a history degree at getting you a job? Well, the truth is not very many people get history degrees today. I was one of three history majors in my graduating class of 163 students (most of them were, you guessed it, science majors).But I did get a job with my history degree! I’m a Ph.D.: a professional hole digger for a landscaping company. Ah well, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Anyways the exciting news is that I’m going to start writing for a Canadian History blog. I’m going to be working with several other writers to write a Christian Canadian History and hopefully get our young people to have a passion for history once again. If you’re interested, the blog is ChristianRoots Canada. It’s run by Lynette and Tim Bloedow, two fellow history buffs (and Tim worked on Parliament Hill for numerous years).

So please feel free to sign up for the blog if you’re interested in Canadian history (or even if you’re not). You can also follow us on FaceBook. If you’ve got anything you want me to specifically write about, or got a question on Canadian history let me know! Or if you want to write an article yourself, let us know! We’re always looking for new writers.


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