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As many of you probably know, I really enjoy studying history. In fact, I enjoy history so much, I got a degree in it. Who gets a degree in history nowadays? I mean what good is a history degree at getting you a job? Well, the truth is not very many people get history degrees... Continue Reading →

Lord Dartmouth (4): Epilogue and Bibliography

Epilogue Hopefully, this research project has demonstrated the necessity of doing a deeper study into Dartmouth’s important role in the Evangelical Revival. It is to be lamented that little of Dartmouth’s role in this regard has been covered. Much more work could be done with respect to Dartmouth’s patronage of clergymen, especially trying to come... Continue Reading →

Lord Dartmouth (2): The Evangelical Revival

 ‘A Glorious Infamy’: Dartmouth’s Conversion to Calvinistic Methodism As part of the introductory material on this topic, it is necessary to narrate the history of Dartmouth’s conversion. This will not only give the reader a sense of Dartmouth’s religious zeal, but it will also establish Dartmouth’s very important connection to Countess Selina of Huntingdon. Huntingdon... Continue Reading →

Lord Dartmouth (1): Introduction

History is a fascinating subject to study. Far from being dull and boring (as is the common complaint of school children subject to memorizing piles of dates), it is a treasure trove of seeing God's wonderful providences in preserving His church. I've been recently reminded of the importance of history lately in my seminary studies in... Continue Reading →

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