The Mystery of Marriage

As this world increasingly grows in its depravity, the institution of marriage is mocked, despised, and distorted. In contrast to this, the Christian must boldly define Biblical marriage and honour and exalt this vital institution. In doing so, God’s glory must be praised and His gracious favour towards His bride, the church, must be made... Continue Reading →

PRC (6): Discriminatory Preaching

There is not a sermon which is heard, but it sets us nearer heaven or hell - John Preston Discriminatory Preaching Should the preaching on occasion cause members of the congregation to doubt their salvation? I am talking here about preaching with the specific intent of the pastor to cause members to doubt their salvation.... Continue Reading →

PRC (5): Some Suggestions Regarding Evangelism:

In recent blog posts I have criticized the evangelism methods of the PRC. I wish to offer some helpful suggestions on how these methods can be improved in this article. Suggestion #1: Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. I cannot emphasis this enough. The congregation must be earnestly praying for the salvation of souls, both publically and privately.... Continue Reading →

One Sin

One sin. That is all it took. Adam and Eve simply ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they lost fellowship with God. They lost communion with Jehovah and they plunged the whole human race into total depravity. Adam's offspring would pervert the worship of God and commit the first... Continue Reading →

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