PRC (6): Discriminatory Preaching

There is not a sermon which is heard, but it sets us nearer heaven or hell - John Preston Discriminatory Preaching Should the preaching on occasion cause members of the congregation to doubt their salvation? I am talking here about preaching with the specific intent of the pastor to cause members to doubt their salvation.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Calvin’s Preaching

T.H.L Parker, Calvin’s Preaching (Kentucky: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1992). 149 pp. Introduction: John Calvin is a very misunderstood historical character. Those who hate him often caricature him to be a kill-joy, stern, serious, holier-than-thou, heretic-killer, and determinist academic. Thomas Henry Louis Parker, in his book Calvin’s Preaching, is not primarily interested in proving or dispelling... Continue Reading →

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